The Time George Harrison Had an Affair With Ringo’s Wife

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It was a time when Ringo and Maureen were visiting George and Pattie’s house. No one knows why they agreed to have sex, But speculation, it was for revenge. It seems that Ringo had an affair with someone else and Maureen wanted to charge him, although these affairs became notorious in the ’70s.

But as far as Maureen is concerned; what she did was not a correct plan and much less with George, who was such a close friend of her husband at the time, Ringo. And also the rumors were that George was a little drunk that day, although we don’t know how true that was.

So one of the things that also dissatisfied Pattie before that affair was that perhaps George was with some other girl. But notice that despite that, Pattie never seems to have cheated on George with another man during their early married years.

Learn more about the time George Harrison had an affair with Ringo’s wife in the video below: