The Truth Behind Why These 10 Classic Rock Hits Were Never Performed Live

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Taste in music has always been subjective, even for the song makers – some bands, even with their legendary status, have their own favorites – that’s why a lot of their songs were left out and never played live. Below we explain Why These 10 Classic Rock Hits Were Never Performed Live:


Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

The story goes that since the Beatles became the Beatles, the band did nothing more than alter everything that had to do with popular music. But the truth, keeping that definition so the light would not be fair. The Liverpool quartet not only became a vehicle to change the state of things but went further. Tomorrow Never Knows was one of the many songs that the band did not play live for a simple reason, they stopped touring after August 29, 1966, also the month that Revolver was released.

Led Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I Do

Hey Hey, What Can I Do” was an outtake that was included on the B side of the 45 release of “The Immigrant Song” For creating a record, any song that was included to the B side is always considered disposable.


Metallica – Fixxxer

Fixxxer was one of the lowest points of the band, they changed their game. The song was the final track from what many considered the weakest album of Metallica, “Reload.” Many fans think why this was never played live was because it was hard to replicate live as it used studio tricks to record this track.


KISS – Rocket Ride

Alive II sums up the massive 1977 tour featuring Love Gun. The bosom of the band decides not to repeat songs with its predecessor and for this reason, it feeds on the magnificent Rock and rolls over the recently released Love Gun, and of course, Destroyer. Ace is absent due to various problems, except in Rocket Ride, which should have been saved for his solo album of 9 and reached a note of 10. The rest is quite mediocre, perhaps All American Man is passable because of the good work of Bob Kulick at the rescue. Rick Derringer and Anton Fig add their instruments to the last part more than expendable and we close an outstanding live album that is hardly live.


Aerosmith – Home Tonight

The final track on the 1976 album, “Rocks” – “Home Tonight”, is a very good ballad with an orchestra closed by a subtle solo by Joe Perry. The reason why the band never played this song live is that it is overshadowed by the megahit “Dream On.”


The Rolling Stones – Hide Your Love

One of the hidden gems of the album, “Goat’s Head Soup” – these songs fit Exile, Hide Your Love would have had to go on that record; an uncomplexed pianistic blues (piano played by Jagger) where, curiously, Richards does not play but good old Taylor shines. Sadly, the band never performed it live because Mick Jagger didn’t care much for the song and considered it as a “throwaway song.”


AC/DC – Nervous Shakedown

The crushingly dramatic Nervous Shakedown. With the mega head riff of this song and its subsequent perfect assembly with the voice and chorus – this is indeed the track that saved the album, “Flick of the Switch.” The song had been rehearsed numerous times but the band never played it live because it wouldn’t measure up to their previous tracks.


The Eagles – I Wish You Peace

The reason why the Eagles never played this live was that everyone hated the song, Don Henley called it “smarmy cocktail music.”


Pink Floyd – A Pillow Of Winds

Pink Floyd never included the song on their setlist for a reason that the song is somewhat a lightweight track, and it’s not surprising because a lot of pre-“Dark Side of the Moon” songs were never considered to be played live over the years.


Tom Petty – You Can Still Change Your Mind

Tom Petty wanted the song to be released as a single but decided not to because he considered it very different from his other works, saying that the song “doesn’t have a beat,” the reason why it was never played live.