The Weirdest Sub-Genres Of Rock n’ Roll

via @Napalm Records | Youtube

It’s Not Punk, It’s Not Alternative, Nor Metal But More Different And Weirder Than That.

This is some of the most interesting and most unique sub-genres out of the hundreds of genres we know of. Keep going for the list of the most obscure and weirdest rock genres that made this list, have you heard of them?

1. Pirate Metal

Well, this is not a “pirated music” it’s pirate metal. Maybe Johnny Depp came up with this one.

2.Punk Jazz

Weird enough that you will love the classic instruments merged with a new age sound.

3. Nintendocore

It’s simple riffs and combinations of something phenomenal. Well, this sub-genre of rock is your grandsons.

4. Math Rock

Amazingly weird that this kind of genre of rock exists, it’s also hauntingly beautiful.

5. Dark Cabaret

It’s called dark cabaret which makes it weird, but it kinda feels exceptionally beautiful and that vibe you’re gonna feel is one of the best.