There’s One Thing Mick Jagger Wants More Than Anything Right Now…

Frank Hoensch / Getty Images

And We Want It Too!

The workhorse rock legends we know and love as the Rolling Stones truly are just that, workhorses. They’re always touring, always out and about doing press, interviews and so on and so forth, and what’s even more is that they still look great doing so!

This just goes to show that the band is truly immortal and they will never slow down! Still, it does seem like something is missing. But what exactly is that?

During a recent interview with Billboard, Mick Jagger admitted that he felt ashamed that his band is currently lacking something. He admitted that the Rolling Stones haven’t “released that much, and I think it’s a shame we haven’t released more music. So, I would hope we’re going to release some music.”

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I think we can all agree with Mick here when he says that there needs to be more music from the Rolling Stones. BUT, the band is going on a North American tour, so it’s a good indicator that the gears are in motion for some new stuff to be recorded and released soon.

As always we’ll have to wait and see, but just a little over two years ago the band released ‘Blue & Lonesome’, a compilation of various blues covers, if anything, it seemed like the band was testing the waters to see if they’re up for studio time. So I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited!