These Guys Just Proved Why Cliff Williams From AC/DC Is Such A Genius

via Daniel Rettberg Peter/YouTube

And Yet, He Remains Underrated…

It’s not just him though because bassists in every band tend to be overlooked. The spotlight almost always focuses on the frontman, or guitarist or the drummer. Such is the case in AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and even The Who. But it’s hard to discount how different the sound will be if it wasn’t for them.

These guys did a great job at explaining why Cliff Williams deserves more appreciation and recognition. He’s criminally underrated even though we know how much of a musical genius he is. Case in point, can you imagine AC/DC classic tunes without his touch of brilliance?

“I just do what feels right to me. It’s also something that has developed over a long period of time playing with these guys—I just listen and play with the others, really.” – Cliff Williams

Being a bassist for a legendary band like AC/DC is obviously not easy but while Cliff Williams was more than content not being in the spotlight, his contribution to the band’s music remains invaluable.