They’re Calling Themselves The #1 Journey Tribute Band In The World


Within music, there is a type of band that a large part of the public rejects. These types of bands are tribute bands. They are often rejected because, according to their detractors, they copy the music of others and demand that they make their own music, and not live off the successes of others.

For our part, all those who have the gift of creating music, be it 100% original or versions of some group, have the utmost respect and admiration.

This band’s name is Voyage, and they call themselves #1 Journey tribute in the world. They even look like them, especially the vocalist who looks like Steve Perry.

A band of professional musicians who achieve a unique sound as Journey doubles. … The public has the possibility to see and hear the successes of Journey and Steve Perry from the hand of this tribute band as they perform the song ‘Mother, Father.’

Keep going for the video below: