This 18-String Version Of “The First Noel” Is Guaranteed To Take Your Breath Away…

Jamie Dupuis / YouTube

This Song Is Taken To The Next Level!

One of the greatest things about old Christmas songs is that they are all essentially blank canvases for musicians to rework in epic fashion. Every year around Christmas time, musicians from all walks of life do just this.

They take either a hymn or a simple Christmas hit and completely reimagines it for modern sensibilities. If you were to go online and look up these amazing covers, you’ll see that almost every single one is outstanding in its own right.

Take for example Jamie Dupuis. This man is responsible for reworking not only Christmas songs, but also any song presented to him into a timeless acoustic masterpiece. Not only that, but he does it all on his uniquely designed 18-stringed harp guitar. What you’re about to watch here is no different. In this video Jamie transforms “The First Noel” into an acoustic masterpiece and he makes it look damn easy. See for yourself!