This 8-Year-Old Boy Just Delivered An Insane Drum Cover Of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”

YouTube / Avery Drummer Molek

Meet Avery Molek, The 8-Year-Old Drum Prodigy!

When I was 8 years old, I think I was struggling with flute lessons. In contrast, 8 year old Avery Molek is dominating YouTube with his drum covers, even channeling drumming legend Neil Peart of Rush with his unbelievable cover of ‘Tom Sawyer’. If you’re a Rush fan or even a music fan in general, then you know how daunting it is to even attempt to replicate or cover Neil Peart – he’s that good! However, Avery rose to the challenge and delivered a performance that even Neil would crack a smile at!

For 8 years old, Avery is incredibly precise; he’s been drumming since he was 2 years old and according to his mom, Avery plays entirely by ear and fills in with what he’s learned from his private drum lessons.

His drumming’s even earned him a spot playing drums for Brad Paisley! Can you believe it?

At heart though, he’s just a regular 8 year old boy who loves to play with his friends and listen to great classic rock tunes with his parents. Great job, Avery – we can’t wait to see the fantastic places your talent will take you, and how it’ll evolve as you get older!