This All-Bass Arrangement Of Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Will Blow You Off Your Seat

via TommyLeeDepp/YouTube

Flea would be amazed by this young bassist

One of YouTube’s best bassists, Tommy Lee Depp from Germany has only been playing bass for a few years before he gained viral attention due to his beautiful melodic arrangements of song medleys using just the four strings of his electric bass guitar. His masterful technique makes the bass stand out more than it typically would just being part of the background rhythm section in a band.

Tommy Lee Depp brings about a lead sound with his bass, and along with an impressive visual videography to boot (he usually plays his bass outdoors with a picturesque scenery), his videos are delightful to watch.

In the video below, you will see and hear Depp’s bass arrangement of a medley of Red Hot Chili Peppers classic hits, and with Flea being one of the best known bassists in the world of rock music, he would surely be amazed by this performance.

Aside from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he’s also done complex versions of other popular songs, all of which could be found on his YouTube channel.

Check it out below: