This Back in Black by AC/DC cover is nothing like you’ve ever seen

Rock Out To This!

You wouldn’t think that an ancient traditional Korean stringed instrument would ever produce rock music, let alone classics from AC/DC. Well, that’s exactly what Korean musician Luna Lee did – and she blew out a lot of minds!

Luna Lee is seen in this video playing the gayageum, a historical Korean musical instrument that dates back 1500 years. Usually, the instrument is played to make soft, soothing, melodic instrumentals that is characteristic of  traditional East Asian music. Miss Lee has completely revolutionized the instrument by playing tons of rock classic covers on it. She’s even able to nail down the complicated electric guitar riffs on the gayageum which gets jaws dropping down to the floor

This amazing musician has gained her millions and millions of views on her YouTube channel Luna Lee. 

Surely even Angus Young wouldn’t be able to help but rock out to this rendition!


Check it out below: