This Beatles Classic Cover By This Subway Group Nails It With A Twist!

Urban Leak/Youtube

Nicely Done! 

The subway is not much of an interesting place to be, you never really know what might happened once you take those steps. People are always rushing their way in just to be in their next destination, minding their own business, and trying to be conscious in their surroundings at the same time.

But thanks to these subway performers (most of us knows them as “BUSKERS”), they help brings a joyous and soulful aura to these undergrounds.

If you’ve been online for some quite time now, there’s a chance that you’ve known the two guys and have seen their videos covering The Beatles so incredibly amazing, and might mistake them for Lennon and McCartney if you closed your eyes.

Recently someone uploaded a video of the twin brothers, and now, they have company and calls themselves “Blac Rabbit.” The Blac Rabbit performs a magical cover of a Beatles Classic “Come Together,” and they were later joined in by singer Christopher Gallant, better known as Gallant, who seems to be just passing by the subway.

If you hate taking the train nowadays and prefers to take the bus, this performance will make you want to ride the trains again and take those steps on the subway. Check the video below and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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