This George Harrison Story Proves How Close The Beatles Were

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Odd But Ended Well

The youngest of the Beatles, George Harrison was raised as a Catholic though in the Beatles era he became a believer of Krishna Consciousness in his twenties. He was the first of the fab four to travel to the US before they became huge, he visited his older sister Louise who got married in and moved to Illinois.

George Harrison was surely many things even when he was often overshadowed by the two legends Lennon & McCartney. George was the first one among the fab four to have a number one solo hit with My Sweet Lord. There’s a lot into him, he was the coolest and surely greatest among the Beatles as he loved gardening around his estate and preferred to be known as a gardener rather than a rockstar.

He also played the ukulele — he often carries two with him when he travels.

These are all great stories, of course, but one amusing story to ever fly out was when he lost his virginity in his teens while playing in Germany, (this was a pre-Beatles and pre-Ringo era); John, Paul George, and Pete  Best shared bunk beds in a room and stayed when George was with a girl – when George finished making sweet love, WHILE HIS GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS then the three cheered and applauded him.

Below is the following quote from George Harrison:

“My first shag was in Hamburg, with Paul and John and Pete Best all watching. We were in bunk beds. They couldn’t really see anything because I was under the covers but after I’d finished they all applauded and cheered. At least they kept quiet whilst I was doing it.”

After when he lost his virginity, George Harrison became a ladies’ man.

There are many more things we can site about George Harrison wittiness and coolness, but there’s no way to be able to beat the interesting fact when George Harrison lost his virginity while the other Beatles secretly watched. They cheered when he finished.