This Is How Led Zeppelin Stayed True To Their Artistry

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The Led Zeppelin In Their Purest Form

Led Zeppelin, of course, is one of the most diverse rock bands in the history of rock n’ roll, and they are certainly up there together with the Fab Four. The Zep’s material spans from the average blue rock as we’ve heard from Since I’ve Been Loving You and their cover of You Shook Me to what we know now, heavy metal we’ve heard from such stuff as Immigrant Song, and their cover of Dazed and Confused, Communication Breakdown and How Many More Times, as well as other styles such as folk, Indian and Middle Eastern which all can be heard in tunes such as Black Mountain Side and Kashmir (known as the group’s magnum opus).

The band stayed true to their artistry and became influence towards the development of hard rock and heavy metal music, in general, is large. We can see and hear their purest artistry and genius because of  everything they did – the rhythm section is one of the best in the genre – all is very tight, groovy, and heavy like it was ahead of its time, and this, of course, consist of John Bonham on the drums and John Paul Jones on the bass, both being one of the greatest musicians in rock history.

The Led Zeppelin are revered by musicians because of the music they’ve created:

Jimmy Page is still one of the most innovative guitarists of all time. He managed to play around with different kind of tunings and styles. He can be subtle, and heavy when needed.

Robert Plant, not just a good singer, but a fantastic performer as well – killing it with an amazing stage presence.

John Paul Jones, the least godly of them all, and has to be one of the best bassists ever. The bass lines on “Ramble On” can guarantee this.

And finally…

John Bonham who has been rated and dubbed the best drummer of all time, and one of the most innovative.

It was all because of these elements why Led Zeppelin managed to stay true to their artistry and with these things they were able to control their output and by being stubborn about it with the label. they managed to be successful even though they had to deal with so much label and radio limitations.