This Kid Totally Destroyed Rapper’s Guitar Skills


Something we’ve never asked for before has come to life! We all need this, a complete (insult) lesson for Lil Wayne’s guitar solo!

Lil Wayne is the most interesting self-proclaimed rock star in the world. His decision to start playing the guitar was so jaw-dropping and epic that a lot of guitarists started to wonder if they were doing their thing right, so they just stopped learning it and never came back. His outstanding guitar solos were so inspiring that a lot of people (who never handled instruments before) starts playing the guitar.

In this video, Steve Terreberry demonstrates the ultimate guitar playing technique of the Rapper.

He seems to be very detailed in how he demonstrates his ingenious guitar solo lesson. But he somehow missed something and left a not enough detail on the finger technique. He was supposed to pluck it with only his thumb and leave the rest of his fingers at the bottom of the guitar’s body. But overall the lesson is freaking hilarious and absolutely ingenious!

Well, for Lil Wayne, his guitar playing skills are definitely bad because, for one thing, he’s not a guitar player! As for his career as a rapper, we can’t argue enough of how successful he is. And that’s the wonder, figuring out of how he got so big into the music business with such a shameful talent.

And you know what’s the worst thing about Lil Wayne’s live guitar solo, it’s the reaction of the crowd in the concert!  I hope they were cheering for the ending of the guitar solo and the awfulness is over. For applauding such a solo itself, that would be the crash of humanity.

As for Steve Terreberry, he nailed it. He is the absolute ingenious of mockery. Two thumbs for him!

And the shred session at the end of this video is such a badass! MUST WATCH!