This Little Girl Knows Every Led Zeppelin Song – Don’t Believe Us? Just Watch.

The Cutest Led Zeppelin Fan!

The adorable three-year-old looks obsessed with Led Zeppelin. The dad asked her to play a little game called “Name That Tune” where she has to guess the name of the song while her dad plays the riffs of the Zeppelin tunes. Check out the video below! And get your day made!

The cute little girl is simply amazing, and awesome. Her parents did their job right by raising her with great music. She even got some of the song titles faster than I did. And I’ve been a huge Zeppelin fan for almost my entire life.

We all want a kid like this — she may even know way more Led Zeppelin songs than your kids.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if one day this kid right here will be playing in an awesome rock band and be a legend herself. She got potential in music! And quite the ear for a young age.

This adorable little rocker, cute as a button, gave us hope that in just another couple of decades, the Classic Rock Gods that we love will be CHERISH!

THE DAD DID AN AWESOME JOB! — You surely are appreciated for teaching your kid real music.

She even requested the song “Rock N’ Roll,” and literally rock n’ rollin’ while her dad plays the track — if that doesn’t give you hope for the next generation of classic rockers, I don’t know what will.

This will be the coolest thing you will ever see. ALL KIDS DESERVE GETTING EDUCATED IN CLASSIC ROCK!