This Mash-up Of The Temptations And Black Sabbath Is Both Hilarious and Amazing

It’s a Motown – Metal mash-up you didn’t know you needed!

The Temptations and Black Sabbath would be the last two things you would think would work together in a song. These two legendary groups are just so totally different from each other in almost every aspect – sound, genre, image, style. Weirdly enough though, when you put two and two together, with Black Sabbath’s hit “Children Of The Grave”, from 1971’s Master of Reality musically blended with The Temptations’ 1966 hit single “Get Ready”, well, you get “Get Ready for the Grave” and it’s actually pretty awesome.

A music fan by the name Bill McClintock made an awesome but unusual mashup of the godfathers of heavy metal Black Sabbath and legendary R&B Motown group The Temptations.

In case you’re from a different planet and you’re strangely not familiar with these bands, The Temptations were an American vocal group from the 1960s to 1970s. They had quite a number of successful singles and albums with the famed Motown Records. The Temptations were known to have pioneered what is to be known psychedelic soul, that eventually evolved into R&B and soul music.

And of course, we have the godfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath. Who doesn’t know Ozzy Osbourne and all his bat-biting craziness? Black Sabbath is a band that pioneered heavy metal music. They basically helped define the genre.

This peculiar pairing turns out to be incredibly catchy! Probably giving birth to a whole new genre of its own called heavy Motown metal.  In the video, the creator Bill McClintock uses the audio the album version played on top of the footage from Sabbath’s legendary performance in California Jam in 1974. It all works together well in the finished product.

Listen to this unique mash-up and you’ll find it funny how it actually sounds pretty darn good.


Check out the video below.