This Queen Cover Band From Spain’s Got Talent Sounded Exactly Like Freddie Mercury!

The Show Must Go On

Queen tribute band performs in Spain’s Got Talent, and they look like the real thing and kind of sounded the part too (somehow).

The performance of this tribute band called “Queen Forever,” won a great standing ovation from the audiences of the show.

This performance is definitely the ultimate tribute for the legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. This performance was so good that Freddie has to be super happy wherever he is, I’m sure he’s proud right now.

The tribute band chose to perform a medley of Queen’s classics which includes “Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free, and Radio Ga Ga” and they sure nailed it. Plus a shocking surprise in the end, that would immediately remind you of our precious Freddie Mercury.

I don’t know what to say — this is probably one of the best tribute to a legendary band, Queen. A performance that definitely blows everyone away.

But anyway, every time I see a Freddie Mercury impersonator, I realize how unique and original he was, his a dynamic performer, spontaneous, and masterful in his own voice.  Anyone can do a Michael Jackson perfectly, or even Elvis for that matter, but nothing can come close to Freddie!

But all in all, a great performance, and absolutely “a must see.” Check the video below.