This Slayer Cover On A Ukelele Will Weirdly Amuse You

via Rob Scallon/YouTube

The Ukulele Group Members Are Shaken To The Core

Whoever said ukulele can’t sound badass can go home now because this duo just killed this Slayer cover. Then again, it’s Rob Scallon so we didn’t expect anything less. He always delivered the goods and just when we thought we’ve seen it all, he gives us cover versions which are equal parts brilliant and entertaining.

This unforgettable take on “Piece by Piece” is hilarious too. Oh and did we mention how traumatizing it is to those who thought ukuleles were supposed to deliver nothing but calming and relaxing sound?

“Really any music with a talented string player is something I can definitely get into, and metal is kind of the extreme of that. It’s very, very difficult to play, and that’s something as a guitar player that I really admire and really enjoy. You know, learning a metal song is very much a challenge. And that’s a lot of fun.” – Rob Scallon via Billboard

You know what, we should’ve known the moment Sarah Longfield took out her knife to cut the brownies into pieces. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, just watch the video and well… ENJOY.