TikTok Star Gets Called Out For Metallica Shirt Then Shreds Out Metallica Songs

via @zariasmusic | TikTok

A TikTok sensation attempted to “seek and destroy” her bashers who called her out for wearing a Metallica shirt in her TikTok clips.

The R&B/hip-hop singer and dancer Zaria showcased she was a fan of the legendary band, she went on to shred some of their well-known numbers on the guitar.

Celebrities and social media stars flexing heavy metal shirts as a fashion is nothing unique. We’ve frequently questioned,

“Do the Kardashians actually know Metallica and Slayer?”

So, it’s not shocking that Zaria received some lash back, with one commenter challenging her to “name three Metallica songs.”

Zaria took her answer to another level. In a clip, she blurted,

“My response to you guys is like, ‘Really, only three songs? How ’bout I play them on guitar for you!’”

She then continued to shred parts of “Master of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman”, and brought it further by continuing, “Someone’s gonna criticize me for not doing leads, so here’s that little fun thing in ‘One’.”

And yes, she played some fine finger tapping of “One”.

In subsequent clips, she took more challenges, including performing the full “One” solo and shredding through “Battery”. After receiving some media treatment, she’s now expecting that Metallica themselves notice her skills.

Keep going for the clips below:

@zariasmusicThoughts on top♬ original sound – Zaria

@zariasmusicNobody needs another woah at the end plus everyone does this anyway♬ OOOWWWEEE – Peewee Longway & Money Man

@zariasmusicReply to @paytonnsmith I hope this video finds the #Metallica fans lol, not my best #guitar playing but that wasn’t really the point #guitarist

♬ original sound – Zaria

@zariasmusicReply to @paytonnsmith you’re a troll lil man the whole point was whether or not I knew any Metallica songs not whether or not I could play them on ????

♬ original sound – Zaria

@zariasmusicReply to @davidgriffith970 too much reverb but u get the point. Comment suggestions and I’ll play for y’all #guitar #guitarist #metallica

♬ original sound – Zaria

@zariasmusicReply to @thedarkknlght working on that… very rusty but here’s a clip of me practicing The Unforgiven #metallica #guitar #guitarist

♬ original sound – Zaria