Tommy Lee Shares Motley Crue’s Way To Smuggle Drugs

via @Steve-O's Wild Ride! - Podcast | YouTube

If any band is famous – or infamous – for having used drugs and partied nonstop, those are, without a doubt, Mötley Crüe. However, we have never known how they managed to take the huge amounts of drugs they were taking on tour.

Now, Tommy Lee has told the true story of how the Californian outfit hid their substances on their bus as well as on their private plane.

All of this happened on an episode of the Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast recorded last year but aired in a recent video. There, we can discover the details of Mötley Crüe’s most dangerous misadventures with narcotic substances.

“I never put it in or on my body,” Lee says. “On the ground, if you’re on your tour bus… in the back [there’s a vent] almost like an emergency exit. As soon as we’d stop and pull into immigration, we’d pop the top, nice and slow, take everything, put it up on the roof of the bus and close the ventilation. Dog, immigration dudes come through the bus, ‘Alright, all good. See you guys later.’ As soon as the fuckin’ bus door shut, pop that up and pull it in.”

Lee continues, “The airplane, same deal. “On an airplane you’ve got your headliner upholstery. We’d take fuckin’ cocaine, whatever it was, do as much as we could before we get there, whatever’s left we’d stick… above my seat, for some reason, there was a little fuckin’ rip in the headliner, so we’d fuckin’ get the fuckin’ bag of blow and just really crank it down as little as we could and fuckin’ just get it up inside the headliner with a little piece of double-sided tape. You couldn’t tell.”

“I’m sitting there, dude… poo poo in my pants. Just like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god.’ Just freaked out that the [drug-sniffing] dog’s gonna fuckin’ come stop and then jump on my lap and then fuckin’ [find the drugs]. We pulled that off several times and never got busted.”

Watch the full podcast below: