Tony Iommi Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of “Paranoid” Album

via @unapologetic_lifer | Instagram

Tony Iommi celebrates the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.

The year 1970 undoubtedly marked a before and after for rock music, the first and self-titled album by Black Sabbath was released in February, laying the foundations of heavy metal, and just seven months later, on September 18, they would release Paranoid, undoubtedly another great classic of the genre.

“I look back and am amazed how we released ‘Black Sabbath’ in February 1970 then toured, wrote, recorded and released ‘Paranoid’ only 7 months later!,” shared Iommi on social media on September 18. “And these weren’t knock-off albums, they are both full of our classic tracks.” 

Originally called War Pigs, due to the war in Vietnam at that time and later changed to Paranoid by the decision of the label, the second album by the Birmingham quartet broke into the music world after the success of their first release made just a few months ago, 42 minutes and 7 seconds divided into 8 songs that today are classic and basic for anyone who boasts of enjoying the genre created by the same band, War Pigs, Iron Man, Planet Caravan, Electric Funeral, among others, mean as much for the band as for the genre and of course for the fans 50 years after its creation.

In the end, time would prove correct and today Ozzy Osbourne (voice), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), and Bill Ward (drums) can boast not only of having laid the foundations of an entire genre. , but rather that it, 50 years later, remains more current than ever.