Tony Iommi Wishes James Hetfield Well In Rehab

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Tony Iommi sent his support to James Hetfield, wishing him well at rehab.

Metallica’s frontman, Hetfield, entered the rehab seeking treatment last week, leaving the band to cancel their upcoming tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Tony Iommi writes on his Facebook Account: 

My best out to James Hetfield. You’ve done the right thing seeking help – I’m thinking of you my friend and wishing you all the very best on your recovery. Looking forward to seeing you back at your best very soon.

Your pal


Heavy Metal frontman, Randy Blythe of Lamb of Gob, also revealed that Hetfield had helped him to gain control of his alcoholism.

Blythe said at  Blabbermouth

“I got sober while we were on tour with Metallica almost nine years ago. The first day of that run, one of my crew guys came to me and said, ‘Hey, Hetfield’s looking for you.’ … James and crew babied me through my first month of sobriety out there on the road — it was a heavy trip. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

He added when he heard about the news of Hetfield entering rehab: “hurt so bad.”

“James is in the right place right now, though, and as he has gone there of his own volition, it sounds like to me he wants sobriety back – and that is the key to it all: You have to want it,” Blythe noted. “So my thoughts and prayers are with him – I love that dude. He literally helped save my life.”