Top 10 Classic Rock Musicians – The Guitar Gods You Overlooked

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The Skilled Professionals

These Classic Rock Session Guitarists who are also known as studio guitarists have formal music training and play extensively. They have to read music, know all chords and the variant voicings, the scales, and solos. They must be able to adapt,  nor argue — “quick at everything.” Because for them, time is money.

The legendary thing that will ultimately separate them from other guitarists is the ability to “ACE” everything you give at them with little close to no separation.

Most of all, they understand their role — and they always strive to deliver everything they were asked for — their weakness is also their strength.

Most things you’ll be amazed about session guitarists are their flexibility and the skills which includes compromise and putting the whole of the music rather than the ego.

These top 10 Classic Rock Session Players are the STARS WHO LEARNED TO SUPPORT OTHERS.


10. Ray Parker Jr.


9. Larry Carlton


8. Michael Landau


7. Steve Lukather


6. Jimmy Page


5. Steve Stevens


4. Tommy Tedesco


3. Nile Rodgers


2. Steve Cropper


1. James Burton