Top 10 Heart Songs That Will Melt You

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Heart Melting Heart Songs From Heart.

The American rock band that found success in Canada, and then worldwide – they managed to dedicate a career of five-decade in the history of music. They were one of the first ladies of Classic Rock, Ann and Nancy Wilson had shown that even women – can rock out stadiums.

We look back on ten Heart songs that will certainly melt your heart.


10) Kick It Out

A song that truly kicks ass.


9) Straight On

One of there well known classic hits that should be on your playlist.


8) All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You

The only disappointment of this song is that they didn’t manage to perform it at the St. Louis August 17, 2013 concert.


7) Never

Ann surely is great, and Nancy is certainly angelic both on vocals.


6) These Dreams

A positively sexy song that is relaxing as well.


5) Magic Man

The amazing guitar solo, incredible basslines, and great drum beats.


4) What About Love?

Well, yes. We love you too guys.


3) Crazy on You

No, we’re Crazy on You! You’re the most badass women classic rockers – and this song is a testament to that.


2) Alone

Even Millenials know this one, an everlasting masterpiece by one and only Heart.


1) Barracuda

I think this should be higher than number 1, what’s more, higher than 1 – it’s Barracuda!