Top 10 Inspirational Metal Songs

When nothing seems to go your way…

Short of worshiping the devil (LOL, we’re just kidding), some heavy metal songs are actually pretty inspiring. Snobs will say all these tracks are about drugs, sex and the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. But you know what, some of these lyrics will lift you up especially if you’ve been having a bad day.

10. Lamb of God – “Walk with Me in Hell”

Before you say anything, check out the words to the song first: “Take hold of my hand / For you are no longer alone / Walk with me in hell.” On the brighter side, at least you have someone with you, right?

9. Amon Amarth – “Live Without Regrets”

The title is enough to inspire you even more so with the lines “Fearlessly we charge ahead / There is no time to hesitate.”


8. Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”

Is there anything more badass than this? “So you can throw me to the wolves / Tomorrow I will come back / Leader of the whole pack.”


7. Pantera – “A New Level”

On your darkest days, plug this in and tell yourself that you’re “unscarred by trials.”


6. Gojira – “Backbone”

If you need that punch-in-the-face kind of motivation, then this is for you.


5. Hatebreed – “Perseverance”

Feeling down? “Face your torment and dismantle your doubt.”

4. Asking Alexandria – “Breaking Down the Walls”

If you need a minute of insane courage, put your volume on max then “Close your eyes and leave all your fears behind (it’s alright).”


3. Tool – “Lateralus”

In case you’re feeling like you’re going nowhere, remember that “There is so much more / And beckons me / To look through to these / Infinite possibilities.”


2. Iron Maiden – “Wasted Years”

“Don’t waste your time always searching for / Those wasted years / Face up… make your stand / And realize you’re living in the golden years…” In short, no regrets.

1. Dio – “Stand up and Shout”

Whenever you feel hesitant about doing something, Dio is urging you on telling you “You got the power / Stand up and shout.”