Top 10 John Lennon Musical Influences

The Guy From Liverpool

The man who formed the Beatles died in 1980 but dubbed as one of the greatest songwriters of all time of number one hits. John Lennon surely did pretty great stuff. In the ’60s, critics considered him to have the best vocal, and at the time of his passing, he was considered to be the most photographed man in history.

John Lennon surely did write some killer songs, and he was a genius musician. Among all the Beatles songs that we’ve been listening to, we could tell that John’s songs stood out the most because they are well-written and came from his heart.

John Lennon, not just a great songwriter, but can play the guitar insanely as well as harmonica, and piano. Though not as versatile as Paul when it comes to instruments, but he was doing things the way that no one can.

Was John as great and talented as they say?  Yes, of course, and probably was the best one among the Beatles, and widely regarded as being incredibly genius and possessed many talents, more than a great many others,  —  regarded with a lot of things;  he was one of the greatest rock singers of all time, one of the greatest songwriters,  a hell of a sketch artist with a super unique style, and overall a great artist who contributed a wide variety of works that we all cherish to this very day, but every greatness has influence.

Below is the list of John Lennon’s top 10 influencers in his life, and career as a musician:

10. Elvis Presley


9. Bob Dylan


8. Roy Orbison


7. Jerry Lee Lewis


6. Carl Perkins


5. Buck Owens


4. Fats Domino


3. Little Richard


2. The Ronettes


1. The Shirelles