Top 10 Steppenwolf Songs For Your Next Road Trip

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Oldies But Goodies.

The Canadian rock legends Steppenwolf will always be remembered as one of the best classic rock bands, with the Born To Be Wild, they marked themselves in the history of music forever.

Some considered them as Heavy Metal, but they were a rock band, a band which is very synonymous with Rock-N-Roll. The band, of course, do belong in the hall of fame as well, and would be a travesty for John Kay and his band to not be in the HALL!

Singer John Kay and guitarist Dennis Edmonton (his stage name was Mars Bonfire) were often joined by different guitarists, including Michael Monarch and Larry Byrom, and, at the peak of their career, they managed to sell over 25 million albums, and were an advocate of feminism and edged towards progressive rock.

What’s not to like with Steppenwolf? So, here’s our pick of the top ten Steppenwolf songs for your next road trip.
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10. None Of Your Doing

9. I’m Going Upstairs

8. Ride With Me

7. Sookie Sookie

6. Hey Lawdy Mama

5. Monster/Suicide/America

4. Rock Me

3. The Pusher

2. Magic Carpet Ride

1. Born To Be Wild