Top 10 Unreleased Classic Rock Songs

Classic Rock Songs That You’ve “Probably” Never Heard Before

We’ve collected these incredible unreleased classic rock songs for you to hear different tunes from the favorite classic rock bands – these classic rock bands never bothered releasing these songs, and you even find them on any official albums but one thing they all have: They are all easily great songs for your taste.


10. Led Zeppelin: Take Me Home

When Physical Graffiti was in the making, Led Zeppelin had already compiled incredibly amazing songs, and they didn’t have room for this one. “Take Me Home,” simply is an outtake that didn’t make Graffiti, though it could have fit on Graffiti, they couldn’t just make the album an 87 minutes length.


9. Beatles: Watching Rainbows

In 1969, the Beatles were trying to attempt something and became successful with it, and thus we have such album like Let It Be, but one song didn’t make the cut “Watching Rainbows.” It’s a song that John Lennon wrote – a rock and rollicking tune that would’ve possibly made the top.


8. Kiss: Mistake

When you think about KISS; it’s always loud, and hard rock ‘n’ roll. But “Mistake” is something that is different: it’s a country song featuring slide guitar and sad lyrics. A song that was never released – and the title just fit the song. A total “MISTAKE” not releasing it.


7. Rolling Stones: Get Yourself Together

“Get Yourself Together” is what we call the classic sound of the Stones, full of bluesy riffs, and Mick Jagger’s swag – in which they are famous for. Hopefully, one of these days, the Stones will eventually release this song, officially.


6. Bruce Springsteen: Preacher’s Daughter

“Preacher’s Daughter” would definitely fit on any of Bruce’s albums. “Daughter” was recorded during the Darkness At The Edge of Town sessions, but that’s all it managed to get – a preliminary recording.


5. REM: September Sang

The band wrote this song earlier in their careers, but they could not have possibly considered it to be released in an album. One amusing thing about this song is that they only played it once during an Athens, Georgia, show in 1982.


4. Queen: Affairs

“Affairs” certainly sounded like it was incomplete, but it shows what kind of power Queen has which make this a great and incredible song, even when it’s just half-built. Freddie Mercury just sang this song in such a rare form and the rest of the band, of course, were great as ever.


3. The Doors: Old Stone Road

“Old Stone Road” could certainly be one of the Doors’ songs if only was released. It is mellow, bluesy, and the lyrics are just as classic as ever. Jim Morrison did really make a great number on this — sadly it didn’t make the cut to be included in an album.


2. Stevie Nicks: Castaway

All songs, when sung by Stevie Nicks sounded so perfect. She’s definitely a tailor-made singer, and this unreleased song surely made it official that Stevie Nicks is made to be such a classic.


1. Paul Simon: Bad News Feeling

“Bad News Feeling” is destined to never be released and the reason because it’s a fine classic song that needs to stay a “RARE CLASSIC.”