Top 10 Women Who Changed Rock n’ Roll

The First Ladies of Rock N’ Roll

Let’s face it: rock n’ roll is a male-dominated world and has been since it’s conception. Only a handful of women had claimed rock n’ roll fame even until today. Though the world would be so much better off with more women in the genre, there are quite a few who have already made an impact with their music and legacy. These queens of rock reigned hard and left their mark during the formative years of rock. Some of the names included here will definitely ring a bell such as raspy-toned blues-psychedelic rock legend Janis Joplin who has become an idol to many singers today, rock royalty Stevie Nicks whose transformative music has reached generation upon generation. We have the most recent woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Linda Ronstadt, rock beauty Grace Slick who was part of one of the highest paid rock groups in the US, Jefferson Airplane. And there’s also Joan Jett who professed to the world that she definitely loves and lives rock n’ roll, and many more below.

Check out the 10 women who held a prominent place in the world of rock n’ roll and definitely made a difference:



Stevie Nicks

Janis Joplin

Joni Mitchell

Linda Ronstandt

Grace Slick

Carole King

Joan Jett

Annie Lennox

Patsy Kline

Diana Ross and The Supremes