Top 5 Experimental Songs By Neil Young

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Music’s Finest Man

Neil Young was always known as the man who always does what he wants. The Canadian singer-songwriter key to success was always his originality and willingness to experiment.

Thru his extensive career, ranging from 1968 to present, he has captured and cultivated people to his music, portraying his uniqueness with strong and meaningful lyrics.
Below are his most experimental works from 1980-1988.


Computer Age (1982)

The time when Young was frustrated but managed to fascinate many fans by reinventing himself and experimenting on whatever he can come up with – “Computer Age” is a perfect example of this.


Coupe de Ville (1988)

One of his first love songs, but not an ordinary love song – he talks about the love for his Coupe de Ville Cadillac.

Hippie Dream (1986)

A song about David Crosby, who Young played with as part of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. A new approach of songwriting where Nick Young was speaking directly to Crosby about his drug addiction struggles.

T-Bone (1981)

He played with the words and was a reference to a common response to the waitresses at the Bella Vista Restaurant from the cook Art Morris asking about T-Bone steak, and the reply was “Ain’t Got No T-bone.”


Transformer Man (1982)

He used a vocoder to synthesize his voice on this track resulting in robotic vocals and nearly indecipherable lyrics.