Top 5 Greatest Drum Solos Of The 80’s

The Drum Solos Of The Decade

The best drum solos come from what we call a “drummer’s soul” and it’s not often scripted.  Fab Four’s drummer Ringo Starr is one of those drummers who have the soul of a drummer but who is not technically the best drummer out there but often played what he felt is right for the song.

A good drum solo doesn’t care about any melody — it has personalities just like people and you can say that an amazing solo is one that is constructed pretty well. The one that has a pattern then builds up to a climax.

All these greatest drum solos of the 80s below can grab you for its simplicity and imagination within the context of the music.

Trust me — Behind any amazing drum solos, there’s an incredible amount of work and effort!

Watch these videos below:


5. Genesis Drum Duet Phil Collins and Chester Thompson (1980-1984)

What you have witnessed is perfection. And you can see that these percussionists are incredibly awesome!


4. Queen’s Roger Taylor Drum Solo at Rock Montreal (1981)

Seeing this video makes you want to dream about traveling back to the 80s, you see Roger Taylor playing a drum solo using a timpani, that’s something new back in the 80s. He’s probably the best Dentist drummer out there.


3. Ian Paice Drum Solo (Rare Footage 1980)

If there’s someone else that can match Bonzo’s right foot, then this right here is that GUY! Ian Paice IMO is the king of the bass drum and of triplets.

2. Van Halen’s Alex Van Halen Drum Solo

Fast and Precision – that’s the definition of Alex Van Halen’s drumming. He’s definitely one of the most underrated drummers in rock music.


1. Rush’s Neil Peart YYZ Drum Solo (1983)

The top spot — the most badass drummer to ever live on this planet. And if you don’ agree, you must rewatch the video above or have your ears checked.