Top 5 John Bonham Performances

via @Bent Christiansen | YouTube

Top 5 Performances to remember ‘Bonzo’ of Led Zeppelin four decades after his death, we remember the musical legacy of John Bonham, forever immortalized in rock and roll history.

Immigrant Song (1970)

Included on his album “Led Zeppelin III”, this performance shows just how far Bonham’s drumming prowess went. The percussion used in this cut simulates the rowing stroke of a handful of Vikings traveling through the seas. Explorers were eager to conquer new worlds. But John Bonham already had the Hammer of the God.

When the Levee Breaks (1975)

The track that closes “IV” is simply crazy. The pace that Bonham imposes is mind-boggling. The echo that formed in this performance benefited, and in what way, the sound of the drums.

Kashmir (1979)

One of the favorite cuts of the members of the band. A mystical, epic song, an absolute masterpiece. Bonham experiments with his instrument, giving the song a mysterious yet powerful rhythm; a wonder-made song.

Achilles Last Stand (1977)

Homer’s epic was triumphantly brought to music by Led Zeppelin. An epic, quasi-military cut, taken to the umpteenth power by the rhythm section commanded by John Paul Jones and Bonham on drums; simply spectacular.

Good Times Bad Times (1969)

Led Zeppelin wowed the world with their debut album. One of the issues guilty of this was undoubtedly Good Times Bad Times. Bonham’s punch left half the world speechless and showed us that a new era was yet to come with this studio recording.