True Meaning of “Summer of 69” Might Not Be What You Think- He Was Only 9 Years Old

This Song Seems To Last Forever!

Bryan Adams wrote the song “Summer of 69” with songwriter Jim Vallance (who also wrote several songs for Aerosmith). During 1969, Bryan Adams was only a 9-year-old boy (or maybe 10). The song was a metaphor for making love during that summer. But the odd thing about it is that how can Bryan Adams know a lot of things about making love when he was just 9-years-old during those days? Though Jim Vallance was actually nineteen during those times.  Maybe, the song was all about him and not Adam’s life.  Some retards may explain this song as a reference to sexual positions because of the number 69. It doesn’t sound right, “the summer of sexual position”. Retards are out of their minds.

 “It’s a very simple song about looking back on the summertime and making love. For me, the ’69 was a metaphor for making love, not about the year. I had someone in Spain ask me once why I wrote the first line “I had my first real sex dream”… I had to laugh.” –Bryan Adams

 But, what if the REAL DEAL about this song was that Bryan Adams wished he was older during those times because of teenagers back then, the summer of 1969 was the best days of their lives.

It’s kind of a baffling thing also that Bryan Adams was born in 1959 and got his first guitar when he was 10-years-old, so the number 69 adds up. So that being said, it leaves us wondering, what really IS the song about?

But the good thing about this song is there would never be any better song than this one. The song grows on you every time you hear it.  It gives you chills, it makes you happy and you kind of want to make love. We can always love this song, sincerely. NO matter the hell is the meaning of the song. Bryan Adams surely made a history with this one.