Very Rare Footage of Jimi Hendrix Playing Acoustic Resurfaces


You don’t often see guitar legends play unplugged and still sound so relevant and epic! Jimi Hendrix is not only a legendary guitar player but surely a force of nature! A gift to us all…You can’t simply put his guitar skills into words. One of kind, no other way to describe him!

It is rare to see him play unplugged, you’ll definitely hear the emotion and the mood of the music. You can feel the soul, even his voice sounds good as the guitar. How is it even possible that he was able to play a 12-stringed acoustic in that era? Did you realize how hard that was back then?

The truest of all musicians out there, if he was still alive today what will happen to music. I can’t even imagine it, everything he did was insanely indescribable and totally legendary! Something that we don’t get today.

Sometimes, guitar players try too hard, but not him. You can’t see that kind of approach on Hendix. He is a pure talent! Like I said, A FORCE OF NATURE! The man playing the acoustic is the most beautiful thing in this planet… It makes me angry that he left us so soon…

It would take you a lifetime to play like him… Imagine that, he was only in his 20s when he was considered the all-time great…


Here is the rare footage of him playing a solo acoustic….

What do you think?? Guitar God or Not?