Vinyl vs. Digital: Which Has The Best Sounding Recording?

via @Real Engineering | YouTube

The great debate between DJs and many audiophiles around the world is the eternal discussion about the supposed superiority of the analog sound of the vinyl record versus the digital translation and vice versa that the digital world offers. Like most discussions in which the fact is not strictly scientific and subjectivity also comes into play, the conclusions are as disparate as the opinions of each person.

The last point I could consider answering the question since the fact that the sound engineers have to “modify” the songs so that they sound good due to the limitations in the dynamic range of the vinyl format would leave the digital as the winner but … this? does it sound better? Of course not. In this case, the answer could be that the digital has a more faithful sound, well, this is also a point to discuss since because of the volume war, the truth is that modern digital music has also altered the dynamic range of many works.

One of the great problems of the digital age and the high pace of our lives is the little attention we pay to details. The predisposition to listen to the details and get involved with the music is much greater in the case of the vinyl against digital, whereby simply clicking and we let the music play.

The big difference is that vinyl is not better, it sounds different and is more pleasant to many ears. There is a growing demand and the work it takes to produce a vinyl is often synonymous with care and work in music production.

In conclusion, the important thing is not the format, it is the music. The work and production quality in the recording of the album will always be more important than the format that we buy to enjoy it. It is useless to have the best sound equipment, with the most faithful format, if the recording quality leaves something to be desired. Good music is paramount, and all the ways to enjoy it are valid.