Watch 1954 Rare Marilyn Monroe Video Performing For Troops In Korea

Marilyn Monroe Video Archives / Youtube

In February 1954, actress Marilyn Monroe went to Korea to host American troops. She put on a quickly assembled concert titled Anything Goes to audiences that added more than 100,000 soldiers in four days.

In a show where the start was delayed, the troops became frustrated and threatened riots, so the opening acts had to be canceled for her to take the stage earlier. She looked amazing in her baggy army uniform.

Monroe flew to Korea during her honeymoon in Japan with her husband Joe DiMaggio. The baseball star was said to be upset that more fans flocked to see Marilyn in Japan than him and refused to join her in Korea. Even at this early stage in their marriage, the cracks began to show, and they divorced later that year.

Already turned into an icon that attracted the masses, the US called up the actress in 1954 to encourage the troops that were in Korea and to get her to drive those away for a few minutes with her voice soldiers who suffered so much from the war.

A moment that brought together nearly 100,000 recruits who were seduced by her musical charms as she dressed in a tight purple dress with sparkling details that enhanced her curves – keep going for the video below: