Watch A Bluegrass Cover Of ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ By AC/DC

via @Steve Seagulls | YouTube

The unfortunate loss of charismatic vocalist Bon Scott sparked this AC / DC mourning comeback that introduced a new razor-throated singer named Brian Johnson, a former member of the group Geordie who perfectly matched his stringy vocal expressiveness on rooted hard rock. Young brothers blues.

Bankruptcies, line-up changes, and sometimes death can be one of the causes and sources of inspiration for great works. This is the case of this magnificent song from an incredible album, so talked about, so listened to, so engraved in our minds, on our skin, a companion of so many battles, that it reaches rock history with the absolute property.

From start to finish, the level is optimal, and despite the tragedy that affects the band, they remain 100% AC / DC, rock and roll, conviction, consistent and masterful in the management of time by the Young brothers.

You Shook Me All Night Long, the one that makes me go crazy – a song people don’t know became their favorite AC/DC track from the Back In Black album, you gotta love the lyrics. Well, the riff, the guitar sound, and the voice Brian’s make this an excellent composition! Well, of course, this is in the point of view of listening to AC/DC performing the song, but what if it is played in the style of Bluegrass?

Well, we have that answer for you – Steve`n`Seagulls covering AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long in Bluegrass style below: