Watch A Bluegrass Cover Version Of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ By Metallica

via @Steve Seagulls | YouTube

Metallica represents the genre of thrash metal par excellence, which derives from heavy metal.

It is characterized by faster tempos; increased use of the palm mute technique; greater aggressiveness in the guitar riffs; deeper, punchier basses and alternative uses of drums, like two kick drums or double footswitches Added to this are letters that, as a general rule, address social issues and open complaints.

In particular, The Black Album was a turning point in metal history, marking an international trend. With this album, the group was definitely established as one of the four greats of thrash metal along with Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax.

It is not surprising that, in 1992, Nothing Else Matters became one of the band’s immortal successes, and that its origin was a source of much curiosity on the part of its admirers.

On the musical theme, it seems that it had its genesis during a phone call that Hetfield had with his girlfriend. According to the documentary Classic Albums: Metallica – Metallica, James Hetfield himself admits that, having one of his hands occupied, he plucked the strings in the air until he found the musical theme that identifies the piece.

Watch a bluegrass cover version of ‘Nothing Else Matters by Metallica – the intensity rises from stanza to stanza, reaching forte (great volume intensity).

Keep going for the video below: