Watch A Bluegrass Style Cover Of “Down By The Seaside” By Led Zeppelin

via @Led Zeppelin Rarities | YouTube

Led Zeppelin were one of the best groups that have existed so far. Creatively brilliant, they did not leave a musical genre untouched and although the question of plagiarism is certainly a blur in their career most fans do not think it detracts from the whole at all.

And instrumentally sublime. Bonzo is the best drummer ever; Page one of the best guitarists; Jones an excellent bass… and organ, and harpsichord, and whatever you throw at him, he’s just basically best at everything; and Plant has a unique and unmistakable voice, full of innuendo and mystery.

The choice of songs is the same as always, it never rains to everyone’s liking. Neither Kashmir, nor Achilles Last Stand, nor Battle of Evermore and not even Whole Lotta Love (the first times we’ve heard it) we all like them. 

However, “Down By The Seaside” with its evocative musical images that transport us to small blue and white fishing villages by the sea, with its softness and melodic beauty, made us eternally happy.

What you’re about to watch below is a Led Zeppelin cover of “Down By The Seaside,” live at the Aggie Theater by a band called WhiteWater Ramble – performing the song as “A Jamgrass Tribute to Led Zeppelin.”

Keep going for the video below and gladly give your soul to the devil to hear this group giving tribute to the gods of rock n’ roll.