Watch A Robot Band Try To Give Heart To Their ‘Barracuda’ Cover

Meet the rock robots of The Cybertronic Spree, a tribute band to the “Transformers”, in which all its members are disguised as these popular robots of pop culture.

We can just watched this unique band covering Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song and rocking out on stage at full blast, as if there is no tomorrow. Watch here.

But here, they performed the classic Heart song “Barracuda” quite skillfully.

Rock stars in disguise travel the road looking for locations to perform their music. Formed in Canada, where a group of talented musicians decided to start playing publicly in Transformers costumes, to dispatch only covers of the soundtrack of ‘Transformers: The Movie’. However, their fame grew and the group decided to also include covers of great rock classics in their setlists.

This is definitely not the weirdest video on the internet, but it comes close – because they rock! Keep going for the video below: