Watch Adorable Mini Freddie Mercury Meeting Brian May

Andre Mini Mars / Youtube

Last year’s February, a kid named Andre was favored to have met one of the most influential rock legends of all time, Brian May!!!

It’s impossible to describe the feeling when your 6-year-old boy faces one of his hugest idols Brian May following an astonishing Queen and Adam Lambert show, and then Brian decided to take photos with him!

In the video below, you can see that even the mother of the mini Freddie Mercury was so excited that she couldn’t hold her emotions.

Brian is definitely very proud of this 6-year-old kid, and has, without a doubt, left an impression on the young Andre. The kid will most certainly remember the moment in his entire life!

The overwhelming success of Bohemian Rhapsody, the best-selling musical biopic in history, has shown that the love for Queen remains as strong as ever. Longtime Queen fans and new Queen fans in Australia were very thrilled that original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor performed with their lead singer Adam Lambert in Australian territory last February 2020 headlining 6 gigantic stadium concerts, with a spectacular new production.

Keep gong for the video below: