Watch An Incredible Bluegrass Cover Of ‘Africa’ By Toto

Robyn Adele Anderson / Youtube

For some reason, “Africa”, the TOTO classic, has become a hot item because of the adoration it receives on the Internet. Too many covers, and memes.

TOTO is a band of considerable success and has released most melodic rock hits like “Hold The line”, “Rosana” or the one that concerns us today “Africa”.

We have never really given much thought to the 1982 hit made by the Californian rock band Toto. “Africa” ​​just seemed to have always been there. But one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the song blossomed and we were hooked.

This is the kind of genuine appreciation that Toto’s “Africa” ​​inspires in people. The popularity of the song is served by the fact that it is a very well-conceived piece of music, with percussion impulses, layered harmonies, and a hymn chorus. The lyrics can be a bit difficult to understand, a common cause in the songs of the eighties, where even after hearing the words, you may not make any sense to them. One of the most recent covers takes the song into a new different style, a bluegrass cover by Robyn Adele Anderson ft. Carolyn Miller and Jen Kipley.

Keep going for the video below: