Billy Gibbons And Jay Leno Ride A 1934 Ford Hot Rod

CNBC Prime / Youtube

The hot rod lover Billy Gibbons, the guitarist of ZZ Top, joins Jay Leno in a remarkable neighborhood driving a yet more extraordinary car – a 1934 Ford Coupe. The car may be old, but here, is a hot rod that still rolls strong.

Two iconic, and long beards, are the unmistakable calling card of the American band – from Texas to be exact – ZZ Top. Formed in 1970 in Houston, and composed by Billy Gibbons (guitar and voice); Dusty Hill (bass, keyboards, and vocals), and Frank Beard (drums), the lineup, in addition to their songs, has also become known around the world for their love of cars. Mainly because of the passion of Gibbons, a great car collector, for a very special type of vehicle, and whose creation requires a good stay in the workshop and hours of sheet metal and painting.

Precisely, another of the band’s icons, the “Eliminator”, would appear on the cover of both: we are talking about the 1934 Ford Hot Rod by Billy Gibbons with which the band is also identified. In any case, it is a small part of the great collection of cars of the guitarist.

Watch Billy Gibbons along with Jay Leno as they roll the 1934 Ford Hot Rod in a remarkable location outside LA, California.

Keep going for the video below: