Watch Black Sabbath Performs ‘War Pigs’ Live In 1970 Germany With Bill Ward Just Killin’ It

Black Sabbath Archives / Youtube

Black Sabbath struck down what was left of the hippy movement, reached number eight in the UK (23 in the US), and founded a new genre, heavy metal. Without the protagonists knowing. “The term heavy metal did not exist at that time. But it was they who created that religion.

Below, a video of the fathers of heavy metal filmed in Germany has been unveiled. Where the band performs “War Pigs” in a stadium.

The raw and heavy sound of the Sabbaths is what stands out most of the video and Osbourne’s impeccable vocalization, the powerful sound of Bill Ward’s drums and Tony Iommi’s unmistakable guitar, and Geezer Butler’s bass.

Bill Ward is considered by Time Rock magazine as the best drummer of all time, but by the populace, Rolling Stone, the drummer is in number 19 of all time. But getting into the debate to list the top 100, 500, or 50 of X’s is cumbersome and not very productive, generally because almost no one is willing to give in on their opinions and worse, we don’t know how to put aside our tastes when we value something. Let’s just enjoy and watch how Bill Ward was a beast during this performance in Germany.

Bill Ward, one of those rare drummers that could really swing. Keep going for the video below: