Watch Brownsville Station Perform ‘Kings of the Party’ At Midnight Special

via newagejesuspriest / Youtube

Brownsville Station is a musical group formed in 1969 in United States (Country). It was dissolved in 1979, after 10 years. The group comprised of 6 members: Bruce Nazarian, Cub Koda, Henry Weck, Mike Lutz, Tim Cronley, and Tony Driggins.

They began their career in 1969 with Rock & Roll Holiday / Jailhouse Rock. He would then continue with No BS in 1970 (after 1 year). It has 40 record productions in Vinyl, Cassette, and CD formats. The group indulged in various musical styles such as Blues Rock (For example, on his album School Punks), Classic Rock (For example, on his album Smokin In The Boy’s Room), Garage Rock (For example, on his album I’m The Leader Of The Gang), Glam (For example, on their School Punks album), Hard Rock (For example, on their Brownsville Station album), Pop Rock (For example, on their Smokin ‘In The Boys Room album), Power Pop (For example, on his album Smokin ‘In The Boys Room And Other Hits) and Rock & Roll (For example, on his album Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room).

They enjoyed great popularity during that decade, given that they had a significant role in the constitution of the rock movement that Detroit lived during those years. years, characterized by a hard and heavy Rock & Roll, with theatrical emphasis and that animated the parties of adolescents, as can be clearly seen in the classic “Detroit Rock City” by the band KISS.

One of their most notable performances was during an episode on The Midnight Special, a late-night musical variety series originally broadcast on NBC during the 1970s and early 1980s, where they performed their song, ‘Kings of the Party’.

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