Watch Documentary Talk About The Curse Of Led Zeppelin

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There is a legend that the members of Led Zeppelin made a pact with the Devil to get money and fame, something that caused them a curse.

The band had shown their fascination with the occult, and according to some people, in their songs mention of pagan symbols is made and worship is heard in reverse. However, few knew the true story that linked them to Satanism.

Speculation about the band began to sound more after the tragic death of its drummer, John Bonham, and several personal misfortunes suffered by the members, which caused their separation. For example, Jimmy Page’s purchase of the old house of the occultist, Aleister Crowley, and his fascination with tarot and everything he hid.

In addition to music, Jimmy Page would hang out at a second-hand bookstore called Equinox, located at 4 Holland, in the London borough of Kensington, where he consulted rare texts that spoke of paganism, the occult, and black magic.

In the book of ‘The Curse of Led Zeppelin,’ it is mentioned that it cannot be verified if Page performed rites or only believed in magic and the occult, or simply used them as creative elements. There is also a belief that he possibly wore amulets for the success of the band.

Within magic it is believed that symbols and words have an innate force and even when they are not believed in them they have an impact on the collective energy. This can be seen in the album ‘Led Zeppelin III’ where in its first editions you can find two phrases that are used in a rite.

For many believers in magic, Led Zeppelin’s separation is due to a curse that haunted them. You can hear the full story of the curse in the video below.