Watch Eddie Van Halen Demonstrates His Guitar Technique


Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Born in the 70s and with 12 albums to their credit (the last one released in 2015), they have sold more than 90 million copies worldwide, in addition to being members of the Rock Hall of Fame and songwriters that live in almost anyone’s memory, like Jump or Panama.

One of the greatest attributes of the band was, without a doubt, Eddie’s impeccable and highly recognizable guitar. His riffs, solos, and the way he incorporated it into the songs made him an emblem and a great among the greats; Rolling Stone magazine itself selected him as the eighth-best guitarist of all time.

His method of playing, practically invented by him, called tapping, has been imitated by other great musicians, but never equaled. It consists of making great solos by playing the guitar with the fingers of both hands, instead of using picks. Watch how impressive Eddie Van Halen and his tapping could be in the video below as he demonstrates his guitar technique: