Watch Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Elephant Trick

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Eddie Van Halen was a guitarist whose riffs and solos made his band Van Halen one of the most popular rock groups of all time.

A virtuous guitarist whose speed, control, and innovation propelled the group to be one of the most outstanding rock bands of all time.

Eddie Van Halen despite his passing, continues to surprise the rock and roll community as the last guitar god, who in the 1970s popularized a novel language for the six strings that became the new standard.

Who was Eddie Van Halen? New generations ask themselves, and experts, guitarists, and critics respond by saying that he was the watershed of rock, a musician who changed the history of the electric guitar and set a very high standard in the rock that nobody has been able to overcome and the art world still mourns his death after having lost the battle against cancer.

Eddie was not satisfied with playing the conventional sounds that hard rock had, he mixed the techniques of the classical guitar with the electric guitar and that revolutionized all the rock we know today with his tapping, which rock and metal bands use to date – and the way he experimented with his guitar, he’s one of the few guitarists who can produce animal sounds.

Watch him do his amazing Elephant Trick in the video below: