Watch George Harrison React Performance Of The Beatles ‘This Boy’

via @KieranSTC | Youtube

Georgie On Nostalgia

Before becoming arguably the greatest rock band ever, and influencing tons and tons of musicians, the Beatles were just young innocent boys who were destined to do something great and achieve massive fame and success – called “Beatle Mania.”

In the video below, George is watching his former comrades and his young self performing “This Boy,” remembering everything that happened during that day. He then revealed John was, in fact, as “blind as a bat” because he never wears his glasses during performances. 

George was surely happily watching the video which, of course, seeing him laugh, makes us all happy as well.  

The happy and alive George Harrison can be seen surrounded by his friends while traveling on a nostalgic journey. 

Sadly, George passed away on November 29, 2001, due to “metastatic non-small cell lung cancer,” according to his death certificate. At the time of his death, he was surrounded by his friends and family at Paul McCartney’s home. George Harrison will always remain the coolest and the best Beatle in our hearts.

Keep going for the video below: