Watch Steve Perry Covers The Beach Boys

via @Steve Perry | Youtube

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry covers an acapella rendition of the Beach Boys classic, “In My Room.”

Steve Perry’s cover of the classic hit was posted on his Youtube Channel, he sings the song whilst sitting alone in his home. “When I was a teenager in my room, this song gave me comfort,” the singer explains via title before singing the song.

Perry previously expressed his attraction towards the track, he told Rolling Stone in 2018, “In My Room” was “an anthem to my teenage isolation. I just wanted to be left alone in my room, where I could find peace of mind and play music.” He certainly has given a new meaning to the song in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which continues to affect the world and isolate its population at home.

Perry expanded his affinity for the song via Tweet, noting: “One late night, I was sitting in my room thinking about so many things. This song came into my mind, and it brought me some comfort. I hope it does the same for you. Stay safe.”

Keep going for the video below: